The second phase of the works

Vue sur les travaux en cours

New fountains, second sacristy, chapel of Light...

These works are financed by donations received following the floods of October 2012 and June 2013. During the works access to the Baths remains open and is by the right bank of the Gave, on the prairie side, where members of the Hospitality will meet pilgrims and guide them through the areas under construction.

The gesture of drinking and washing is a gesture which the Virgin Mary asked Bernadette to perform. For more coherence pilgrims will therefore visit the fountains after visiting the Grotto.

The present sacristy is too small for a large number of concelebrants. The new building will also contain a rest area for Hospitality members working in the Grotto;

Pilgrims will be invited to light their candles on the right bank of the Gave. The ‘Chapel of Light’, devoted to the gesture of lighting a candle, is easily accessible by the new bridge and is situated opposite the Grotto.

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Vue sur les travaux en cours sur le site des anciens brûloirs
View on the works, by Pierre Vincent