The development of the Grotto area continues during winter 2016-2017

Vue aérienne de l'espace Grotte

The second phase of this magnificent project of reimagining the whole environment of the Lourdes Grotto area will take place from 17th October 2016 to 3rd April 2017. The work on the Baths has been postponed to the in-between winter season 2017-2018.

• Everyone agrees that the restructuring of the environment of the Grotto of Lourdes was necessary. The first phase has been a great success! The entire project, facilitating prayer and meditation, is fully adapted to the expectations of today’s pilgrims.

• The Project of the Grotto the Heart of Lourdes began in 2015 and now enters its second phase between 17th October 2016 and 3rd April 2017. The third and final phase will take place during the winter period 2017-2018. It was decided to spread the work over two years in line with the current financial capacity of the Sanctuary.
• During this 2016-2017 phase the new water fountain garden, the Grotto Sacristies and the beginning of the Chapel of Light will be achieved. The Baths will therefore remain open to pilgrims.

• The Shrine can only continue the ambitious project of redesigning the face of Lourdes for the coming decades thanks to the tens of thousands of donors and benefactors. It is also made possible through a new financial plan which, in particular, has led to revising the total cost of the works downwards.

• Through these works the Sanctuary continues “to take care of this place of grace by harmonising the whole area”, in the words of Bishop Nicolas Brouwet in his Orientations for the Sanctuary.